Our Promise

It is important to us that you are super-happy with your superfood purchase. Therefore all of our raw chocolate making kits, products and ingredients come with a no fuss guarantee. We are confident that you will be happy with your purchase, however in accordance with the EU Distance Selling Directive; you are entitled to cancel your order at anytime within 14 days of receiving your goods. The cancellation period ends on the expiry of the period of 14 working days, beginning with the day after the day on which you received the goods. If you wish to cancel an order under these terms, please contact us immediately at info@chocchick.com and then return your products unopened within 14 days of receiving your parcel.

More info about the EU Distance Selling Directive.

Our Social and Environmental Policy CHOC Chick Raw Chocolates is a socially and environmentally aware business and is dedicated to promoting awareness and to making decisions that contribute to achieving social and environmentally sustainable development.

Our Social and Environmental Policy expresses CHOC Chick’s commitment to achieving this aim through our values, social responsibilities and environmental commitments.

Our Values

Our stated values are as follows: We are committed to providing high-quality goods and products We are committed to providing friendly and professional customer service We are committed to professionalism, transparency and accountability in all our operations; We are committed to ethical business practices and endeavour to provide ingredients and goods that are timber free, free from agro chemicals and ethically sourced We believe that all businesses, even small ones, have a responsibility to contribute to the community and environment around then and are committed to working within our community to help improve the lives of others We believe in respecting equality and diversity and are committed to promoting inclusion and diversity in all our operations.

Our Social Responsibility

CHOC Chick Raw Chocolates is committed to contributing to local environmental and charitable projects. As members of the Brighton and Hove Business Community Partnership (BCP) we aim to support local charities through regular volunteer work, some monetary contributions and support in kind. Our trading surplus is reinvested to both grow the company and achieve our social objectives. We aim to grow both as a successful profitable company and a social enterprise and provide work experience and opportunities within our community.

Environmental Impact:

Our most significant adverse environmental impacts are:

Consumption of natural resources in the development, production, marketing and distribution of our publications, packaging, containers, labels and general office operation.

Emissions to the atmosphere from the use of carbon based energy in the production, marketing, sales, delivery and distribution of our products and in our general office operations.

The Environmental Performance of our Suppliers:

Our most significant positive environmental impacts are working to minimize and mitigate our carbon footprint and to achieve a carbon neutral / carbon positive state, reducing and eliminating waste, promoting renewable sourcing of raw materials, recycling, and working with our stakeholders and suppliers towards a closed-loop material and energy cycle.

Our Commitment To Deliver This Policy:

CHOC Chick Raw Chocolates commits to maintaining the following objectives:

To oversee and review our environmental policy and all of our purchasing practices and operations and to set the future direction of our environmental practices, conduct monitoring and seek continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

To set objectives, targets and programmes to improve our environmental performance, including sustainable sourcing, carbon management, the use of ethical supply chains, preventing pollution and the pursuit of recognized environmental standards amongst our suppliers such as FSC paper sourcing, ISO 14001, EMAS and SA8000.

To comply with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements, identifying and applying the best available techniques wherever possible.

To provide information and appropriate training for and seek feedback from all staff on our environmental procedures and goals.

To regularly review and audit our environmental practices and work with partners to improve our performance and that of our industry generally.

To work towards the relevant certification(s) for a company of our size and industry.

To use our resources, to meet these commitments in a manner that reinforces our activities.