Gorgeous Dried Mangoes and Apricots Dipped in Raw Chocolate

These scrumptious choc dipped fruits make a lovely healthy treat!

Takes: 30 minutes

50 g CHOC Chick Raw Cacao Butter
3-4 tbsp CHOC Chick Raw Cacao Powder
2-3 tbsp CHOC Chick Sweet Freedom or maple syrup/date syrup
100 g dried mango
75g g soft dried apricots

  1. Gently melt the raw cacao butter over a bain marie (bowl over a pan of water on a low heat).
  2. When the butter has completely melted whisk in the raw cacao powder and Sweet Freedom.
  3. The raw chocolate mix should be fairly thick so it coats the mango and apricot pieces nicely.
  4. Place the coated fruit pieces on cling film or grease proof paper to set either out on the counter on in the fridge (not in the freezer!).

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