CHOCalicious Raw Chocolate Spread

My daughter Ella, loves Nutella and we often call her Ella NutElla, but it's so high in sugar and sadly uses palm oil, that it's hard to justify buying it. Personally, I find it's a little too sweet for my taste, so we've created a super simple and much healthier CHOC Chick version which is great on pancakes, toast or straight out of the jar. Enjoy!

Takes: 30 minutes Makes: 1.5 cups

1 cup hazelnuts
1/4 cup CHOC Chick Raw Cacao Powder
5 tbsp CHOC Chick Sweet Freedom or maple syrup
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp hazelnut oil
1 pinch celtic sea salt

  1. Roast the hazelnuts at 350° for 8-10 minutes until they darken a bit and smell fragrant
  2. Transfer the hazelnuts to a towel and rub off the skins if you can (I didn’t have a lot of luck with this)
  3. In a food processor, grind the hazelnuts to a smooth butter, about 5 minutes, scraping the sides as needed
  4. Add the cacao, sweet freedom, vanilla, oil and salt and process until well blended, about a minute
  5. Store in a glass mason jar in the refrigerator
  6. Bring to room temperature prior to serving
  7. Our chocolate hazelnut spread had a consistency that was a bit stickier or gummier than peanut butter. If you want to thin out your spread, add more hazelnut oil. I think this treat has a very similar taste to Nutella, though find the consistency not as creamy. Everyone in my house still seemed to enjoy it, especially Ella, as this hazelnut chocolate spread vanished pretty quickly. Even though it’s not exactly the same thing, I like having a decadent treat and at the same time knowing exactly what’s in it!

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