Cacao & Rum CHOCtail recipe

Rum and Cacao is such a great combination and we had a lot of fun creating this simple CHOCtail recipe. It reminds me of being in Latin America and the Caribbean but as it’s harder for us all to travel at the moment and the sunshine seems to be hiding this August, we’ll be making this CHOCtail and imagine sipping it on a hammock overlooking a crystal blue sea…. Cheers!


50ml Rum ( We love Hawksbill's Rum)

150ml Half & Half (either almond milk or oat milk)

2 tsp CHOC CHICK Cacao Powder in 30ml of hot water stirred together until dissolved

2 tsp Maple syrup



Hard shake with ice and dirty pour into a glass.

Dirty pour is when you just tip it all out, so no need to strain etc.

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