Cacao v cocoa...

The humble cocoa bean is rich in nutrients; antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, and manganese but much is lost when heavily processed and alkalised.

• A lovely Super Food
• No chemical processing 
• Flash roasted at low temperatures
• High in antioxidant flavanoids that can help balance insulin levels
• Heart healthy and can help lower blood pressure
• Helps balance hormones
• Appetite reduction 
• Increases Serotonin levels that improve our mood

• Chemically processed to alkalise (invented by the Dutch) to reduce acidic taste)
• Roasted at high temperatures
• Lower in antioxidant flavanols
• Can be high in saturated fat
• May contain sugar, dairy, palm oil and soya
• Not considered a Super Food

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"60% of natural antioxidants are destroyed by light dutching and 90% are destroyed by heavy dutching." New study re-emphasizes natural cocoa powder has high antioxidant content. 2008-10-08. Retrieved 2013-05-27